We have excellent news; ACE is excited to bring you our Loyalty Program!

Our thank you to our members, partners, and consumers, just to let you know how very much we appreciate your trust in ACE. The Loyalty Partners have each devised their own special offers for ACE members, partners, and customers with no strings attached and contact with each Loyalty Partner is easy, just click on the Visit Website button beside their business name. We will continue to add more retailers to help serve your needs and as we accommodate more retailers, this page will provide a current listing of all participants and their offers.


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Kre8tive Agency

Branding . Web Design . Social Media

Kre8tive Agency is a Canadian owned Digital Marketing Agency based in St. Albert, Alberta. Offering fully customized, cost-effective, marketing, web design and social media services for the busy entrepreneur. Focus is on the specific needs of small business owners to help them achieve a well-rounded company and web presence. Whether it's creative websites, unique branding, engaging marketing strategies or social media maintenance, Kre8tive Agency has the experience and resources to help you take your business from "small business" to big success!

As an ACE member, partner, or consumer, you can receive 15% off all Kre8tive Agency services.

For a detailed list of services, please visit their website


SkyFire Energy

Solar Energy Systems

Do you love the sun? We sure do and it shows. For the past 20 years, we have busied ourselves designing and installing industry-leading solar photovoltaics (PV) which enable our customers to harvest Alberta's bountiful solar resource. Our customers now number in the thousands and like a cooperative, represent an intentional community.

Whether your goal is to make or save money as a microgenerator, to reduce your own environmental footprint, help to reduce the carbon intensity of Alberta's grid, or perhaps you really like the tech aspect, we would love to hear from you. Our Solar Specialists will help you to determine if, in fact, your home or property is well-suited to solar PV.

As an ACE member, partner, or consumer, you will receive a $400 credit for a solar PV or battery storage system valued at $10,000 or greater.

For a detailed list of services, please visit their website




Energy Solutions


Solar and ACE go together like sunshine and free energy! As one of the original solar PV design & installation companies in Alberta SolarNinjas brings you the experience and attention to detail that makes us a cut above the rest. Join our Ninja family too by getting a solar assessment & quote today!

We care what your goals are, if it's to drive an electric car on solar power, operate your hot tub without ever seeing it on the electric bill, or go fully green and zero out that energy bill we tailor the experience and products to ensure you get the best and latest products and engineering at the fairest price.

Since you're already in the ACE family, we'll credit you $500 off your first $12,000 and an EXTRA $500 off large systems $25,000 or more for those really looking to kill that bill.
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SolarNinjas is a full service electrical contractor, and will honour 10% off any electrical service work such as panel changes, car charger installs, hot tub & A/C connections, or general services.

As a Solar PV Contractor in Edmonton, BLDG offers an all-in-one service for solar PV installation and maintenance for our customers. We are a proud member of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta, and our staff are CSA NOC 7241 Certified for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems. From project planning and product selection, to installation and maintenance, we guarantee that your Solar PV system will work at it’s best all year round. We work closely with clients to select the Solar PV system that will work best based on the building’s size, layout / dimensions, location and current energy consumption. As a full-service electrical contractor, BLDG is able to handle any upgrades you require – whether you’re looking to get an EV Charging station, service upgrade, or hot tub installed – we do it all!



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As an ACE member, partner, or consumer, we’ll credit you $500 off a Solar PV installation of $10,000 or greater! Get in touch with us today for a free design and quote at