ACE can provide energy for your home and business. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to make a decision that you will comfortable with. We have fixed, variable and hybrid rates for electricity and natural gas so you can choose what is best for your personal situation. 

Programs and Rates

For your home or business,
ACE has a plan for you!

(up to 250,000 kWh or 2,500 GJ annually)

Fixed Rate

For people who want an affordable rate and lock-it-in for a specified period of time so they do not have to worry about it.

Our current Fixed rates:

  • Electricity: $0.057 plus *EMR / kWh

  • Natural Gas: $2.75 plus *EMR / GJ

Variable (Market) Rate 

For people who like to ride the market and are not concerned with the natural fluctuations in energy rates, our variable rate is for you. 

Our current Variable rates:

  • Electricity: Market based Floating rate plus *EMR / kWh

  • Natural Gas: Market based Floating rate plus *EMR /  GJ

*to learn about the variable rate calculation:

                            (variable with a cap)

Our FUSION program lets you float with the market when it is affordable and then locks in a rate when things change. We have successfully FUSED a fixed and variable rate to save you money.


Mid to Large Commercial - If your business consumes more than 250,000 kWh or 2500 GJ annually -  click here for more information

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Our current FUSION rates:


  • Electricity: Variable rate to maximum rate cap of $0.059 plus *EMR / kWh

  • Natural Gas: Variable rate to maximum rate cap of $2.75 plus *EMR / GJ

Micro-Generator Rate

Are you generating your own power with some to spare? Solar energy system owners can sell the electricity they are not using back into the grid.  


Our current Micro-Generator rate is:

​  $0.22 plus *EMR per kWh

SPARK Green Generator Rate

Micro-generators provide a public service by increasing the amount of renewable energy that is available through Alberta’s electricity grid. We think they should be compensated fairly for the energy they export.

At $0.22 plus *EMR / kWh, ACE offers Alberta’s leading exporting micro-generation rate and we offer the flexibility to switch to any of our other rates during low-export times without penalties or fees.

Renewable Energy Programs and Rates

Renewable energy is becoming very popular today due to their low impact on the world around us. For this reason, we have developed two important programs to support the growth of renewable energy production in Alberta.

SPARK's Green Offset Program

For people who want to support renewable energy production by providing a financial contribution to SPARK Green Generator of their choice.

SPARK Green Offset amounts start at $0.005 kWh for 25% of your billed usage.

Program and Rate Schedule

Refer a Friend for $25

If you refer a friend, neighbour or co-worker, and they sign up with ACE, we will give you a $25 credit on your next monthly invoice. 

*EMR = Energy Management Rate 
(otherwise referred to as a Retail Transaction Fee)
  • Electricity EMR is $0.0085 (less than one cent) / kWh

  • Natural Gas EMR is $0.75 (or 75 cents) / GJ

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