Enjoy price certainty 

  • Take advantage of our fixed price  at 6.2 cents/kWh Expires Dec 31, 2020 with no exit fee.


The variable rate is the wholesale price plus:

  • $0.0085 a kilowatt-hour—if you use less than 250,000 kWh per year. (A typical house uses 710 -1100 kWh hours a month.)

  • More than 250,000 kWh a year, please contact us for preferred pricing.


       Is a blend of two of our rate plans – variable (i.e                 floating) and fixed prices Expires Dec 31, 2020. No           exit fee with 30 days termination notice.

  • Variable Electricity Price Plan (floats with market) Market + $0.0085/kWh (less than a cent transaction fee) up to a maximum cap of 6.7¢/kWh


       Micro Generation (MG) producers will receive credit         which is equivalent to their current electricity rate for         surplus electricity generated and exported to the               grid.

  • $0.19 a kilowatt-hour (expires December 31, 2020, with no exit fee).


No Gimmicks – Just Great Prices.


Your retailer charges an administration fee for bringing energy to your home or office.


  • Each meter on your bill is one site.

  • For the first meter on your bill, we charge you $6.50 a month. For each additional meter on a bill, we charge you an additional $3.00 per month. 

  • For example, if we bill you for one electricity meter and one natural gas meter on the same bill, your administration fee will be $6.50 plus $3.00 for a total of $9.50.

  • We may ask you for a security deposit. If you leave ACE, we’ll refund it.

  • Small micro-generators receive credits on their electricity bills for the energy they send to the grid. They’re paid the current electricity rate. These credits lower their monthly electricity bill.

  • If your credits are so great in a month that we owe you money and you're on pre-authorized debit, we will pay what we owe on your payment due date.

  • Refer a friend and receive a $25 credit on your own utility bill upon their completed sign up.

  • You can add Green to any of the electricity price plans.

  • Termination notice/no exit penalties unless specified on specific rate plans. 

Natural Gas


Enjoy price certainty

  • Take advantage of our fixed price and flexible term at $2.99 per/GJ. Expires Dec 31, 2021 with no exit fee.

The average home uses between 100 and 200 gigajoules a year.



  • Less than 2,500 gigajoules a year, enjoy daily index plus $0.75 per/GJ.

  • More than 2,500 gigajoules a year, please contact us for preferred pricing.


     Is a blend of two of our rate plans – variable (i.e floating)           and fixed prices. Expires Dec 31, 2020. No exit fee with 30         days termination notice.

  • Variable Natural Gas Price Plan (floats with market)
    Market rate + $0.75/GJ (less than a dollar transaction fee) up to a maximum cap of $2.99/GJ

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ACE is a community-run energy retailer with an Alberta call centre. ACE’s innovative programs reward its co-op members and Alberta’s green-energy producers, while lowering your energy costs.