Vicki Zinyk/CEO

General Manager North Parkland Power REA

Vicki is an innovator who has led energy change in Alberta for decades.

She started her career with Nova Gas Transmission, one of Alberta’s first major pipeline companies. In her 18 years with Nova, she moved through all parts of the company and helped to redesign the tariff to dramatically change how Alberta transports natural gas.

When TransCanada Pipeline acquired Nova to create one of the largest pipeline companies in North America, Vicki facilitated the business transformation.

She then moved to ENMAX, which the City of Calgary owns. At the time, ENMAX did not sell natural gas products. Vicki’s role was to change that. She built and launched natural gas products and services for homes and industry. She found ways to bundle services into one single, easy bill—an approach ACE follows today.

Vicki worked long hours managing mergers and acquisitions for ENMAX, looking for business expansion opportunities. She was instrumental in the development of Alberta’s first windfarm in 1993. Engineers constructed the turbines, and Vicki marketed the renewable energy. With the City of Calgary, she launched RIDE THE WIND on the CTrain. The campaign let riders know that green energy was now powering the trains.

Vicki later joined the Thorhild County to run the district’s utilities division, which included a gas co-op. Additionally she was the CAO of the Town of Bon Accord and is now General Manager of North Parkland Power REA Ltd., an electrical co-op.

“Co-ops are a different type of investment,” she says. “The people I interact with own the company. They’re trusting us with their dollars. You work every day to make a difference and provide a service they value and, at the same time, grow their investment.”

Vicki is also the CEO of ACE.

“There is nothing like ACE,” she says. “It’s very ethical and open and delivers a highly valued standard of service. We’re not a business talking to a consumer. We’re talking to our neighbours and friends."

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ACE is a community-run energy retailer with an Alberta call centre. ACE’s innovative programs reward its co-op members and Alberta’s green-energy producers, while lowering your energy costs.