ACE can provide energy for your home and business. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to make a decision that you will comfortable with. We have fixed, variable and hybrid rates for electricity and natural gas so you can choose what is best for your personal situation. 

Solar-Friendly Rate

For people who have taken the initiative and installed solar panel(s) on their home or business, we understand it is a big investment in time and money. To support their commitment, ACE developed a program that will pay you a premium for the energy that export back to Alberta's electricity grid - helping you offset your costs of installing your system.

The program is very simple. You enroll your site with ACE and select our Solar Friendly Program. The program allows you to switch between our two solar-friendly rates - one for when your system is exporting excess energy back to the grid and the other when you are not. Switching between rates is simple with either a phone call or online form. Just be patient and plan, we need 10 days notice to switch rates.

Programs and Rates

For your home or business,
ACE has a plan for you!

(up to 250,000 kWh or 2,500 GJ annually)

Fixed Rate Controlling the market

For people who want an affordable rate and lock-it-in for a specified period of time so they do not have to worry about it. We promise it will always be competitive and one of the lowest in Alberta.

Variable (Market) Rate Playing the market 

For people who like to ride the market and are not concerned with the natural fluctuations in energy rates, our variable rate is for you. Variable rates are appealing to some people because it is very close to the true cost of energy pricing. You will pay the market rate for energy plus a little extra to help us stay in business.

                            (variable with a cap)

Do you have a degree in finance… and in your free time, do you like to play the market for your financial benefit? If you do, you are lucky. For those of us that don’t, FUSION will make it appear like you do.

Our FUSION program lets you float with the market when it is affordable and then locks in a rate when things change. FUSION selects the best rate for you and you can focus on other things – like telling your friends about all the money you saved when you hedged your utility bills with ACE. ACE handles everything for you to make your life better.  

Need more information to help you brag to your friends?  Well, a FUSION customer in 2019 would have saved 12% over the leading government-issued Regulated Rate Option.


Renewable Energy Programs and Rates

Energy resources are widely discussed today. More people are interested in renewable energy because of their low impact on the natural environment and thus, our future generations. For these reasons, ACE has created two programs to support this growing and important industry. 

SPARK's Green Offset Program

Through this unique program, individuals and businesses have the opportunity to purchase locally generated Green Energy Offsets from solar, wind or other renewable energy generators in Alberta. Our program cuts through red tape and regulatory barriers, enabling consumers to freely support renewable energy generators of their choice. 

Mid to Large Commercial – call us for pricing options

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