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When I first heard about ACE’s Fusion rates for electricity and natural gas, I admit I was skeptical

I was on the Regulated Rate Option with my provider as I hadn’t signed a contract. So, I pulled out all my bills for the previous year and did my own cost comparison with Alberta Cooperative Energy’s Fusion rates for electricity and natural gas. Now granted, the Fusion rate was not available for the entire year, however since I was determining whether to sign up for ACE’s Fusion rate (low cost when the market is low and capped when the market is high) I used it to test whether I would have realized a savings.

WOW!!! I was shocked!! I would have saved $534 (over the year) for gas and electricity if I had been on ACE’s Fusion and not on the Regulated Rate Option of my provider (and as you know the government discontinued the capped rate for electricity as of Nov 30, 2019).

Upon completing my cost comparison I went online at and signed up for the

Fusion rates immediately. I am saving money and it hasn’t cost me anything (not even much time to switch over as after I signed up, the ACE team completed the transition for me).

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