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How Does ACE Support Alberta's Small Scale Micro-generators (2022)?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Did you know there are currently more than 5000 micro-generation sites in Alberta? Wondering what a micro-generator is? Under the current Micro-generation Regulation, Alberta supports the development of simple, safe, and reliable small scale micro-generation technologies and large-scale micro-generation technologies for domestic use. Please see rules and regulations at: and This regulation allows Albertans to generate their own electricity from micro-generation technologies of less than 5 MW, alternative and renewable sources of energy and receive credit for any power they send to the electricity grid. Technologies may include solar photovoltaic, solar/wind combined systems, micro-wind turbines, small hydro systems, small gas turbines, fuel cells, biomass, pump jacks, and waste heat recovery systems.

Small Scale Solar Micro-generators in Alberta:

Many of the early solar micro-generators & adopters in Alberta invested in their solar PV systems when there were no government incentives or rebates available and the cost of the technology was also significantly higher. It was only in recent years that we have seen some programs come and go in Alberta which momentarily helped to support the solar industry. For instance, the Light Up Alberta program which compensated micro-generators with 15 cents/kWh for their excess energy, ended abruptly in August 2013. Next, Energy Efficiency Alberta launched a Residential and Commercial Solar Program in June 2017 which provided homeowners, businesses, and non-profit organizations with a partial grant for grid-connected solar PV systems. This beneficial rebate program helped spur and encourage solar adoption in our province to record levels until it was unfortunately cancelled after the last election in 2019. Emissions Reduction Alberta recently announced a new funding stream to support small and medium scale industrial and commercial businesses, and the City of Edmonton offers its own solar rebate program for residents in Edmonton. Details can be found here for both opportunities:

Fortunately, the cost of solar PV technology has dropped by more than 70% over the last five years, making solar more affordable than ever. It is still a great investment for your energy future and the environment!

At ACE, we strongly believe Small Scale Micro-generators (a micro-generation generating unit with a total nameplate capacity of less than 150 kW) in Alberta should be compensated fairly for their excess renewable energy that is exported into the grid instead of just the regular retail rate.

Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive program for Small Scale Micro-generators that offers higher compensation when they are exporting more energy to the grid than they are consuming, as well as a competitive rate plan to switch over to when they are producing less energy and are more reliant on grid power. In addition, our green generators may have the opportunity to sell the renewable energy attributes of their exported energy as Green Energy Offsets to our customers through our Green Offset Program. See ACE’s Rate details at

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