Cities and private companies own the powerplants and the electricity. Today, small operators can own micro-generators that produce wind and solar. A local school might have a solar installation. A community may have a windfarm or biofuel project.

Through ACE, you use electricity directly from these neighbours.

Cities and private companies also purchase and supply the gas. In rural areas, the community gas co-op owns more than 100,000 km of pipeline. It supplies more than 25 million gigajoules of gas every year to over 165,000 customers.

The gas co-op sells to its members. It gets the gas through another co-op—Gas Alberta Inc.

Gas Alberta Inc. started Gas Alberta Energy to sell affordable gas to customers outside the gas co-op boundaries. Gas Alberta Energy is part of ACE. When you buy your natural gas from ACE, your supply is sourced from an entity with co-operative values.

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ACE is a community-run energy retailer with an Alberta call centre. ACE’s innovative programs reward its co-op members and Alberta’s green-energy producers, while lowering your energy costs.