Generating and Drilling

Drilling through the earth’s surface can release natural gas. Electricity, however, exists only when we generate it.

Setting the Price

The cost of electrical power changes every hour. The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) watches the supply and demand and sets the price.

Delivering Energy

Electricity travels over transmission lines to substations. Leaving the powerplant, the energy is high voltage—anywhere from 138,000 to 500,000 volts. 


When you buy your natural gas from ACE, you’re buying from the community-owned Gas Alberta Energy.

Serving Customers

Retailers are the storefront. We get you the energy you need. You sign up with us, and we connect you to the businesses that supply your gas and electricity.

Energy Costs Estimator

Ever wonder how to calculate how much energy your appliances use?

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ACE is a community-run energy retailer with an Alberta call centre. ACE’s innovative programs reward its co-op members and Alberta’s green-energy producers, while lowering your energy costs.