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As an ACE customer (consumer of electricity and/or natural gas), you can join ACE and be involved with our co-operative at whatever level you choose, for a fully refundable one-time payment of $25.00. We offer great electricity and natural gas rates; innovative renewable energy programs and we support the communities that we serve by hiring locally.

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Electricity and Natural Gas have a lot of moving parts in Alberta.

The electricity you use is measured by kilowatt hour (kWh) and/or the natural gas you utilize is measured by gigajoule (GJ). The average home in Alberta uses around 600 kilowatt hours every month, and/or an average of 120 gigajoules of natural gas per year.

Distribution and Transmission charges are included on your bill on behalf of the Distribution and Transmission companies and are the same regardless of which retailer provides your service.

  • Distribution fees support networks that move electrical and natural gas energy around our service area to your home, for your use. The distribution system is owned by the Distributor.

  • Transmission charges support the upgrades and maintenance for wires and infrastructure that moves electricity from generation facilities or for upgrades and maintenance of gas lines and infrastructure to the Alberta communities where it is used.

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