Have you thought about joining a Co-operative?

You might already be a member of a co-operative – co-ops are quite popular for banking, groceries, outdoor equipment, and clothing just to name a few.

​It is really no secret; most people decide to join a co-operative because they receive a benefit. For some that benefit may be:

  • Participation: Members can participate in steering the direction of the co-operative by attending meetings and exercising their democratic rights

  • Access: Members can access a product or service not being offered by another business

  • Financial: Members have the potential to receive dividend payments

  • Social: Members can feel good about support a co-operative business because co-ops support their local communities

Regardless of your reason, ACE would be happy to have you join our co-operative.

For a fully refundable one-time payment of $25.00, you can join ACE and be involved with our co-operative. We offer great electricity and natural gas rates; innovative renewable energy programs and we support the communities that we serve by hiring locally.

Please complete the form below and welcome to ACE!

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Refer a Friend for $25

If you refer a friend, neighbour or co-worker, and they sign up with ACE, we will give you a $25 credit on your next monthly invoice. 

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