SPARK Green Offset Program

In addition to providing our customers with competitively priced non-renewable electricity options, we will continue to offer our highly popular SPARK Green Offset Program. This program cuts through the red tape and regulatory barriers, allowing our customers to freely support renewable energy generators of their choice.

Our Green Power Rate customers can support a local wind farm, a group of solar/wind micro-generators in their community or even a solar installation on a local school. Finally there’s a local green power alternative, made by Albertans for Albertans.

As for the green generators, they just need to register with us and we take care of the paperwork. When customers select a renewable energy project or a specific group of micro-generators, we ensure that their financial support goes directly to the generators through an open and auditable process.

Over the last two years of the program, we have directed thousands of dollars to Alberta-based micro-generators, by offering the most generous green power rate in the province. Our list of new micro-generators is steadily growing every month and we are currently a supporting partner for Western Canada’s largest co-operatively owned solar farm by Alberta Solar Co-op.

What sets us apart from other green electricity options in Alberta?

Our Green Power Rate is the only green electricity option in Alberta that allows you to directly support and buy green power from solar and wind micro-generators in your community. More importantly, we pay our green generators more than anyone else in the market. Why? Because we believe our green generators deserve fair compensation for investing in their own systems and for supplying clean green energy into Alberta’s power grid.