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The FUSION Program is a blend of two of our rate plans – Variable and Fixed! FUSION was designed specifically for Albertans. As consumers, we shop to save money. FUSION allows the energy experts at ACE to shop for you, always looking for the best price with the comfort of knowing, you are protected by a price cap.  We are focused on cooperative values, it’s what makes ACE different.

How Do ACE's Annual Rates Compare?

  • From Jan 2021 to Dec 2021, the UCA reports the average variable electricity rate for the market was $0.1364 / kWh (https://ucahelps.alberta.ca/historic-rates.aspx). This means if you used the average amount of electricity for an Alberta resident (according to the UCA), you would have paid $918.14 in electricity charges. 

  • Check our Rates and Programs page for all of ACE's rates and compare

FUSION Electricity Program

  • FUSION Rate plus *EMR / kWh

  • Rate Cap: X.XX¢ plus *EMR / kWh

  • You are protected by a 9.99¢ / kWh price cap plus *EMR for your electricity rate

  • *EMR = Energy Management Rate of 0.85¢
    (less than 1 cent) / kWh

  • One Year Term & 30-Day Cancellation Notice Required


 Your max price: xxx¢ plus *EMR / kWh

FUSION Natural Gas Program

  • FUSION Rate plus *EMR / GJ

  • Rate Cap: $X.XX plus *EMR / GJ

  • You are protected by a $4.95 / GJ price cap plus *EMR for your natural gas. 

  • *EMR = Energy Management Rate of 75¢ (or 75 cents) /GJ

  • One Year Term & 30-Day Cancellation Notice Required

Your max price: $xxx plus *EMR / GJ


You can get this great offer for both energy products (electricity and natural gas) or individually. Signing up more than one product or site on one bill enables additional saving benefits with reduced Administration Fees.


You can add Green to any of the electricity price plan options.

Refer a friend and receive a $25 credit on your own utility bill.

Want the flexibility to switch rate plans?  Fusion provides flexibility; choose to exit this plan penalty free with 30 days’ notice of termination. 

Get the best

   of both & save!

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