What is

The FUSION Plan is a blend of two of our rate plans – variable (i.e. floating) and fixed prices for either or both electricity and natural gas!

Get the benefits of both lower market prices and risk management by having a cap on the price you pay (i.e. Fixed price).  Enables consumers to take advantage of low market prices while ensuring protection from total exposure to volatility of the market. 

Want the flexibility to switch rate plans?  Fusion provides flexibility; choose to exit this plan penalty free with 30 days’ notice of termination. 

You can get this great offer for both energy products (electricity and natural gas) or individually. Signing up more than one product or site on one bill enables additional saving benefits with reduced Administration Fees.

You can add Green to any of the electricity price plan options.

Refer a friend and receive a $25 credit on your own utility bill.

Rate Plans

Variable Electricity Price Plan (floats with market)
Market + $0.0085/kWh (less than a cent transaction fee) up to a maximum cap of 6.7¢/kWh

Variable Natural Gas Price Plan (floats with market)
Market rate + $0.75/GJ (less than a dollar transaction fee) up to a maximum cap of $2.99/GJ

Get the best

   of both & save!

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