Selling Your Green Energy

ACE customers who join the Green Offset Program choose which renewable energy generators to support. They might select a local wind farm, a group of solar or wind micro-generators in their community.

Register with us with us if you are a green generator.

Registration Guide


STEP 1: Join SPARK (if you haven’t already)

To register as a SPARK Certified Green Generator, you must become a member of SPARK.

STEP 2: Read the terms

Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions. Make sure you understand the mechanics of the program. 

STEP 3: Register

Complete the application.

STEP 4: Get your ID

We process your request, and then email you a SPARK Certified Green Generator ID code.

Your ID code matches your generator category.


For example, YYC-SOLAR-001 is in the Calgary (YYC) solar micro-generators category. The number—001—shows that this was the first solar micro-generator to register with us.


STEP 5: Export energy

Once you are in our offset registry, you can export energy to Green Power Rate customers.

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